Saturday, March 14, 2009

Selected Clips

"No tweeting: if you want to reach me, you'll have to knock," Hartford Courant, October 18, 2009,,0,1260521.story

Salon, "Old people to America: drop dead," September 10, 2009,

"When I'm really old, put me on that ice flow," LA Times, July 14, 2009:,0,2375611.story

"When it comes to dementia, forget the drugs," LA Times, March 19, 2009:,0,1717919.story

"Health care in exactly 25 words," Psychology Today, "Adventures in old age" blog:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Past Events with Podcast Links

Broadcast Media 

The Bob Edwards Show (Sirius XM Radio) 

AARP’s Prime Time Radio with Mike Cuthbert (AARP Radio, Syndicated to 85 stations) 

Radio Health Journal with Reed Pence (Media Track, Syndicated to more than 450 stations) 

Where We Live with John Dankoski (WNPR, Connecticut Public Broadcastin—Hartford, CT

A Touch of Gray with Carole Marks (Syndicated to more than 50 stations including WABC, NYC and KRLA, Los Angeles

Free Forum with Bob Salter (WFAN—New York, NY

Conversations with Peter Solomon (WIP, Philadelphia, PA

The Health Show with Bob Barrett (WAMC—Albany, NY, Syndicated to 150 stations)

Perspectives with Richard Baker (KKSU—Manhattan, KS and syndicated to 25 stations)

Active Voice Radio with Chris Goldstein (KSFR—Santa Fe Public Radio, Covers all of New Mexico and syndicated through PRX)

Best of Health with Arly Helm (KVRM-Grass Valley, CA)

Curved Air with Roger Yeardley (WAIF—Cincinatti, OH)

Forward Forum with John Quinlan and Stephanie Woods (WTDY—Madison, WI)

Frankie Boyer Show (On the National Radio Network)

Illegitimate Authority with Henry Zacchini (WVEW, Brattleboro, VT

Issues & Ideas with Guy Rathbun (KCBX—San Luis Obispo, CA

John Ford (KAXE—Olympia, WA

Lambda Radio Report with Charone Pagett (WRFG—Atlanta, GA

Libradio with Kedi Obi Awadu (Black Star Media-Inglewood, CA)

On the Bookshelp with Dave Kirby (WTBF, Troy, AL)

On the Street with Wayne Metrano and Fred George (WBNW—Watertown, MA)

Roundtable with Doug Grunther (WDST—Woodstock, NY)

Scott Hall (KAXE—Grand Rapids, MN)

Special Edition Saturday with Larry Rifkin (WATR—Waterbury, CT)

Sunday Morning Magazine with Kate Daniels (WKRM—Seattle, WA)

The 8:­­00 O’Clock Buzz with Jan Miyaski (WORT—Madison, WI)

The Armstrong Williams Show (WPGC—Washington, DC; WGCV—Columbia, SC; and XM Radio)

The Morning News with Sherman Whitman (WTAG—Paxton, MA)

The Roadhouse with Bob Carter (WTIP—Grand Marais, MN

Transitions with Bruce Wadzek (New Jersey Public Radio)

Live Events 

New Haven Public Library

Broad Street Books—Wesleyan University Bookstore, Middletown, CT